200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India


  • Course Duration : 26 Days
  • Style : Multi-style (Hatha, Ashtanga & Iyengar)
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Course Highlights


    Cost Includes
  • ☸ Free Pickup from Dehradun Airport
  • ☸ Accommodation with Attached Washroom
  • ☸ 100% Veg 3 Meals a Day
  • ☸ Special Dietary (Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free)
  • ☸ 8 Hours Classes a Day
  • ☸ Mult-style Asanas; Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar
  • ☸ Study Materials
  • ☸ Yoga Alliance Certificate (RYT)
  • ☸ Free Wi-Fi
  • ☸ 24*7 Power Supply
  • ☸ 24*7 Hot/cold/normal Filtered Water
    Course Syllabus
  • ☸ Asanas (3 Hours a Day)
  • ☸ Pranayama
  • ☸ Meditation
  • ☸ Mantra Chanting
  • ☸ Anatomy & Physiology
  • ☸ Aligment & Adjustment
  • ☸ Philosophy
  • ☸ Mudra & Bandhas
  • ☸ Shatkarmas
    Beyond the Courses
  • ☸ Pooja Ceremony
  • ☸ Kunjapuri Sunrise Trip
  • ☸ Paramarth Ganga Aarti
  • ☸ Yoga by the Ganges
  • ☸ Vashisth Meditation Cave
  • ☸ Live Music Concert
  • ☸ Day Hiking nearby Waterfall
  • ☸ Cooking Class
  • ☸ Sound Healing

Course Dates


Daily Yoga Schedule

    • - Pranayama/ Meditation
    • - Iyengar Asana
    • - Breakfast
    • - Alignment
    • - Teaching Methodology
    • - Lunch
    • - Break or self study
    • - Hatha yoga/Ashtanga
    • - Anatomy
    • - Philosophy
    • - Dinner

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (26 Days)


Whether you are struggling to uncover your purpose or need time to find your truths or need space to replenish your spirit or want to go in the direction of a yoga teacher; 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is certainly what you need. This one-month course is a foundation yoga teacher training program where you just have to spend some days to be called as an RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher. Not only this, but you will also gain the confidence to take your yoga practice to a whole new level.

Rishikesh is a spiritual, beautiful city of Uttarakhand with stunning views, the divine river Ganges, majestic mountains and immense beauty. It is known for yoga, adventure and spirituality. There is a wide range of beautiful spots to practice yoga here. Moreover, the environment or atmosphere of the place will completely support you for a great yoga teacher training course.

Our 200 hours multi-style teacher training is a 26-day educational course for practitioners who feel that the time has come to embark on a career as a yoga instructor. The training is very thorough – beginning in the early morning and continuing until sunset – covering the vast arrays of the practical and theoretical aspects of yoga (Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, Anatomy, Alignment, and Philosophy). One receives knowledge of Hatha, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Yin, and Vinyasa Yoga with our well-crafted course that includes the theoretical and practical aspects of Asanas, Pranayama, Philosophy, Mudras & Bandhas, Kriyas, Adjustments, Alignments, Anatomy and Meditation. Our course is not just a practice, it is a preparation to make you a yoga teacher with complete & vast knowledge and confidence!

The 200 Hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh offered by Maa Shakti Yog will deepen your practice and connect your soul to the yoga teacher within. To be a good teacher; you need the best teacher! The sentence must seem confusing, yet it's true. Maa Shakti Yog conducts courses guided by the veteran and registered Yoga Alliance teachers that will simply motivate you to become a professional, flexible, and of course, great yoga teacher.

We design the yoga teacher training schedule in a way that it will cover all the important aspects of traditional Ashtanga, Hatha, Iyengar and vinyasa Yoga in India. We are blessed with the amazing location of our school in Rishikesh! A spiritual city surrounded by the Ganges and beautiful Himalayas of the Garhwal region. Learning Yoga in Rishikesh is certainly a blessing!

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course (26 Days)


  • ☸ Asana : Asana is a Sanskrit word which means, "Yogic Postures or Movements". Traditionally defines, than asana means "Comfortable Seat", that means, it is a seated posture used in Meditation.

  • Pranayama : Pranayama, also known as breathing exercise is the foundation of yoga practice. "Prana" means breath and "Ayama" means to control; on combining, "Pranayama" means "to control or hold the breath".

  • Mantra Chanting : Chanting the powerful, spiritual mantras helps in the union of body with the mind. It will surely give you a deeply philosophical experience.

  • Shatkarma : Shatkarmas is basically the six purification techniques that aim to clean the body, free from all the diseases. More than this, it improves the flow of prana into the organs of the body.

  • Mudras : Yoga Mudras means "gesture" that facilitates the flow of energy in the body of an individual.

  • Bandhas : Treating under the heading of Yoga Mudras, Bandhas is body locks in yoga.

  • Anatomy : Anatomy deals with the bodily structure of an individual and how to protect from injuries. In our yoga teacher training classes, we conduct the theoretical class of Anatomy too.

  • Philosophy : Philosophy here means Yoga Philosophy that includes the systemic study of body, mind & spirit of an individual.

  • Aligment : Our yoga teacher training courses focuses on body alignments, which means doing poses or asanas in an effortless state of body, according to the body composition of individual. Alignments are very significant to understand any style of yoga practice.

  • Meditation : Observing your deep breaths which facilitate to still your mind for a few minutes, where it is away from all the unnecessary aspects; this is meditation. There are mainly 4 types of meditation style we focuses, i.e., Traditional Himalayan Meditation, Healing Meditation, Crystal Meditation and Sound Meditation.

  • Teaching Methodology : Teaching Methodology in our yoga courses specifically aim in providing nurturing environment to our students, on making lesson plans, setting class environment and conducting classes regarding various yogic practices for gaining enough confidence and awareness on building good student-teacher relationship.

Payment Policy

We offer good discount to our beloved students for making the course more affordable and pocket-friendly. Discount will be given on advance booking at least 2 month before or more.

  • ☸ 2 Month before - 5%
  • ☸ 3 Months before - 10%
  • ☸ 6 Months or more before - 15%
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Student's Reviews

Testimonials & Feedback

I visited Rishikesh in early January to find a course but none really stuck out for me. I later came to Maa Shakti based on recommendation and it was the BEST DECISION I’VE MADE. I don't usually post reviews but I felt my unreal experience needed to be shared. Sumit is easily the best teacher I've had. I started the course with a lower back issue from previous yoga practice...

- Sarita Thakrar, UK google-review

MAA Shakti Yog school was a transformational experience for me. I learned so much in 200 hrs. Our instructor Sumit taught how to do all poses safely and with proper alignment. A personal growth journey for mind, body and spirit. I treasure my memories of being at the school and under the instruction of Sumit and Jaggi. I highly recommend the 200 hr course at MAA Shakti Yog school.

- April Morthland, Spain google-review

An incredible school with incredible teachers. I came to Rishikesh to do my 200hr YTT and to deepen my understanding of yoga beyond just asanas and I am so happy to have chosen to do this at Maa Shakti yoga school. They teach with such passion and have such an in depth understanding of the practice, philosophy, pranayama and mediation techniques. You cannot go wrong with this school.

- Troy Terzian, Australia facebook-review
- Anjali, Australia
- July 2019 Yoga TTC Batch
- April 2019 Yoga TTC Batch
- Troy Terzian, Australia

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